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  • The cooler tank is infused with anti-bacterial material to prevent growth of potentially harmful bacteria. The innovative fusion results in prevention of many diseases and thus promotes good health.
  • The Butterfly Air Cooler comes with three distinct control settings for speed, allowing you to customize the air throw level as per your requirements.
  • The honeycomb pads ensure great cooling experience with good water absorption capacity. The best thing about this cooling medium is that is easy to install and maintain.
  • The Butterfly Eco Smart Plus 25L cooler is a compact air cooler for your home. This device is efficient and perfect for day-to-day use. It has a water storage capacity of 25 litres. This effective cooler, cooling up any room in minutes. You can manage the speed of the fan with the option to choose between high, medium and low speed. Moreover, you can buy Butterfly air cooler online at a cost-effective price and enjoy cool air all the time.
  • Bring home the Butterfly Air Cooler, for a more economical and environment-friendly option to cooling, compared to an Air Conditioner. This cooler is portable, needs minimal installation and maintenance, and is also suitable for extremely hot conditions. ABS body makes the cooler lighter, more shock-proof, and resistant to corrosion.
  • With a water tank capacity of 25 litres, there will be water in the tank for a longer time. This volume of water last for hours, sometimes even days, so you are free from the hassles of frequent refilling of the tank.
  • The shock proof body ensures additional safety by preventing current leakage from the body. This feature comes handy, especially in houses that have children. When the cooler is on, you do not have to constantly worry about an electric shock.
  • The Butterfly Air Cooler capped caster wheels allow great mobility, so you can turn or move it as per your convenience.
  • The four-way air deflection helps combat balmy weather. The motorised vertical louvers and manual horizontal louvers disperse air in every corner of the room. You can even set them in one direction to fix the air flow in one direction.
  • The ice chamber can be filled with ice cubes for a further drop in air temperature. You can use the ice chamber in scorching summer to get experience better cooling.

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